The Van Niekerk family of Uhlenhorst has been in the hunting business for many years with a lot of experience in hunting and entertaining guests. Hoekus van Niekerk (Sr.) the owner of Uhlenhorst and his son Hoekus (Jr.) do the guiding and make sure that your hunting memories will last a life time. Connie, the wife of Hoekus (Sr.), and her team of helpers will see to your every need when it comes to dining and cleaning.

Uhlenhorst (meaning owl’s nest in German) is a well-known oasis in the south of Namibia on the border of the beautiful Kalahari Desert, 200km/125miles south-east of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Uhlenhorst has been a family business for over 40 years, first owned by Hugo van Niekerk our father and grandfather.

You will experience a variety of landscapes and climates: from red sand dunes to hard rock and from dense bush to open veld, with cold winters and very hot summers. At Uhlenhorst you will also observe a great variety of wild birds and Namibian plant life. We love and value our wildlife and understand and aggressively manage the delicate balance between hunting and preservation.

The facilities at Uhlenhorst make it a suitable destination for any hunting party, such as a group of hunters pursuing trophy animals or for a family looking for the vacation of a lifetime. We cater to each and every guest and ensure everyone’s needs and wishes are fulfilled. For more information on our accommodations and lodging please visit the Accommodations section.

Most of the hunting is done within 45 minutes of the lodge depending on the species we’re after. We like to show our guests as much of Namibia in our direct area as we possibly can; therefore we will visit or hunt several different areas during your trip to Namibia. You need not be concerned about running into other hunters, because all hunting is done on privately owned land with the permission of the land owner.

At Uhlenhorst, our three most important objectives are:
• Guiding our clients, fair chase, in pursuit of excellent trophy animals that are good representatives of the species.
• Making sure that our clients and their company enjoy their experience and leave Namibia satisfied.
• Last, but definitely not least, for all our clients to become and remain lifetime friends.


"Arrive as clients and leave as our

lifelong friends"


Hoekus, Connie &

Hoekus Junior


At Uhlenhorst we give you much more than 

the hunting experience of a lifetime