Trip Documents..

The following documents/ forms is essential to planning your trip:

  • US Custom 4457 Form; You can obtain the US Customs 4457 Form from the customs office at the airport. It is a small paper stating the details of your firearm/s that you will be using on your hunting trip. This serve to prove ownership of your firearms, both at arrival in Windhoek and at the point of return in the States. Do not wait until your day of departure to get this done and remember that you can add valuables like cameras and binoculars if you wish. 
  • Namibia Import/Export Permit – POL573; We have a copy of this form with our specifics already included. Print and complete the application for every hunter and have it ready at arrival in Windhoek. The customs office in Windhoek will use the details from this form to complete your temporary hunting license. 
  • Hunting Invitation Form; Make sure to obtain an hunting invitation form from us to complete prior to your trip. You will be asked to present it upon arrival in Windhoek.
  • UHS Trip Checklist; A very useful list you can obtain from us to help with planning and packing for the trip. 
  • UHS Banking Details; A document containing all our banking details, to make payments simple.